Kota Factory My Favorit YouTube Web-Series Review(spoilers free)

Kota factory is not just a web series for JEE students it teaches you life lessons no matter if you are a medical student or an art student or commerce student. it teaches you how to live every moment of your life, it teaches you how to deal with every single problem you have in your student life as well as beyond of your student life. If you are a student and you haven’t watched it yet then I’m gonna say that you are messing such important and greatest things in your life. Kota Factory is Indias first black and white web-series that is available on youtube for free of cost. This is one of my favorite web-series of all time. Because I am a student my self and relate my self with the character of this web-series and I can say that if you are a student I know that you too will feel the same and the thing that makes this series in this way that because most of the peoples who have worked in this web-series that have gone throw the story of this web-series. I think that is the reason what makes Kota Factory more reliable for everyone. It also shows you how today’s education system nothing but a business industry from inside. I am so grateful to TVF creator of this series for making this available on YouTube free of cost and for that reason TVF is one of my favorite YouTube channels. All the characters and actors of this web-series have done such a great job. Everybody character in this series is amazing. One more special thing you will see in this web-series is friendship or real friendship what looks like. After all, if I have to do a rating for this web-series I’m gonna give 4.9 out of 5-star rating to this incredible web-series Kota Factory.

Review By: Sk. Sarfaraz Ahamed



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